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Want to Learn Innovative Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Business ...

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Get New Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Business and Stay Ahead of Your Competitors

The digital age has arrived. From the internet to television, to cell phones ? this new digital age is here to stay. The growing business world is looking to connect to newer and more social consumer base than just the ?large audience? of years prior.

Research is showing that more than ninety percent of the United States uses the internet to search about services/products before buying. There is also a substantial increase in the number of sales from ?mobile? devices.

Nearly 20% of real estate purchases are made through mobiles. Thus,it is crucial for Real Estate Business Owners and Entrepreneurs to maximize it?s opportunities provided by the growing mobile digital mediums.

Due to the growth of online advertising, there is a stiff competition among various real estate business owners to discover innovative and unique techniques ? nevertheless, because of digital media nothing is impossible. There are many creative marketing ideas for real estate businesses that have not yet being noticed by the huge competition out there.

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There are video marketing agencies that provide ?viral seeding?. This simply ?indicates an assurance from their end ?that ?your video will get a particular number of views. Primarily , there are 2 kinds of seeding.

The foremost one is , ?Natural Seeding?, which is quite like ?social media sites ?spread the word?. The next one ?is by way of ??Media Placement?. This can be either done by you or by the viral seeding agency appointed by you.

In either case, ?if you wish to do it yourself then you will have to find the media your target audience will most likely be using. Then you will have to discuss media buying mediums and get traffic to the content for it to get enough views to go ?viral.?

However, you need to be alert in this area. Assigning an agency to perform any type of real estate brand promotion has individual risks. These basically revolve around comprehending your specific business needs and the concerned target audience, since Viral seeding experts or companies are not tied to any specific industry or niche.

Therefore, they are able to drive traffic online, but having the targeted traffic is the most important part. This also tends to be extremely expensive and can also ruin the reputation of your brand, if done incorrectly.

So simply put, you just need to be careful while using different marketing ideas for real estate agency.

Another alternative of promoting your real estate business is by contacting a digital/advertising agency. However, it is essential to make sure that ?they understand your wants and?specifications. ?They can offer you one or two more options yet, it is included in the rare media solutions that are profitable and result-oriented.


At Mojo Video Marketing, we understand the needs and requirements of ?the real estate market due to our expertise and experience in online Relationship marketing and branding.

Social Media- Twitter

You must have also heard about using social media for promoting your real estate business. However, there is a big competition there as well. Nowadays, something new has started on twitter; it is called ?twitter seo?. There is a lot of competition on twitter to get to the top search pages for a particular keyword. But, it is a relatively new marketing technique for real estate business owners. For example, as a real estate agent if you are searching for any property listing then you will get to see the most popular property listings in the top pages of twitter search.

How to Go About it?

Try to maintain an alternative account on twitter. Search your keyword to see if your company?s tweet appears in the top tweets.

Top tweets are refreshed every 2-3 seconds. But if your tweet is popular then it will reappear in the top results over the next few days.

The most popular listings stay in the top pages of twitter search for about 2-5 days. So, you can imagine the amount of benefit this might bring to your real estate business. Suppose you?ve listed a property for sale with proper seo then you will get responses from the right clients.

You may also get more than expected profit through these clients. Also, if you have a real estate video uploaded on your twitter page and if gets in the top search results for the keyword. Then it is most likely than not that you will be making a big sale.

Another benefit of twitter is that, it works like ?word of mouth?. People will spread the word by tweeting about your company and since one person has average 50 followers even if 10 of them retweet or reply to your tweet then it may influence each of their followers. In this way, you will be ?talked about? and thus, will create more property sales in the coming days.

This is emerging as one of the best marketing ideas of real estate business.

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