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In order to be able to give us the chance for varied play and more powerful enemies, I've decided to revamp the way the Saiyans in this RP will increase in strength after each battle. Obviously, this is going to be done because if we're to reach the level of Super Saiyan anytime in the foreseeable future (which requires a power level of 1,000,000 at minimum), we'll need to beef up much faster. So, here goes nothing! If you have suggestions I'd be glad to hear them.

Obviously, these new calculations will make the inequalities in power much more prevalent, but that's where we will all have to work together and tolerate each other's differences as we continue through the RP.

As a final note, all categories include recuperation time in their calculations. None of these calculations take place immediately after battle. Using Grisha and Trish as examples, if they were given time to fully recuperate after their fights then Blaze wouldn't stand a chance against either of them. Also, victorious battles against named enemies do not stack. Obviously, if they did stack, Blaze would multiply his base power of 1030 by 29.9 bringing it all the way up to 30,797. Not quite fair, is it? So yeah, they don't stack. Only the most relevant calculation will be used, and in Blaze's case, that will be his fight with Jagoda.

(OPL - Original Power Level)

Category 1 - Victory

* Participation in (but not directly responsible for) victorious battle against named enemy = OPL * 5.3
* Victory in Battle (Random Enemy/ies) = OPL * 3.2
* Victory in Battle (With another cast member) = OPL * 7.6
* Victory in Battle (Named Enemy) = OPL * 11.5

Category 2 - Defeat (Obviously, thanks to Saiyan DNA, these will be much higher than victory calculations)

* Defeat in Battle (Random Enemy/ies) = OPL * 9.7
* Defeat in Battle (With another cast member) = OPL * 12.4
* Defeat in Battle (Named Enemy) = OPL * 16.8
* Near Death Defeat (Any Circumstance) = OPL * 25

Category 3 - Training

* Random = Random Number generator provided in the link below will be used to determine what your increase is and will be given a range determined by your base power level. Obviously, the higher your base power level, the smaller the range.

* Special Training = Special Training is now a calculation which will become realized through direct discussion with me. You will contact me via a private message and make your initial request based on what you think would be fair and what you think your character should be able to accomplish given their location, equipment, and wether or not they have a training partner.


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