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Houston based Zadok Jewelers is definitely a ?family affair?.? The business has been family owned and managed for seven generations.? The first generation of Zakok family members were royal court jewelers as well as silver and goldsmiths.? Zadok?s has been a thriving fine jewelry store in Houston, Texas for over 35 years.?? They offer a wide variety of luxury items as well as jewelry, and there are many Zakok Jewelers reviews about them. In addition, Zadok?s has a flourishing website that ships fine jewelry and diamond engagement rings all over the world.? Zadok?s also receives national and international recognition in the watch industry as well. Their stock includes more the 20 brands of high-end watches.? Many of the Zadok reviews on-line are from customers that are very impressed with the fine watches at Zadok.

?Zadok?s is another jewelry store in Houston that has a good selection of interesting Swiss watches. They?re only a short drive from the Galleria, so they?re worth the trip if you?re out shopping. Their lines are interesting. They sell Jaeger LeCoultre, IWC, Franck Mueller, Breitling, Corum, and the ever-popular Paneri, amongst other more pedestrian brands. I think they?re the only Houston seller of Chronoswiss, a small maker of some very beautiful modern classic watches.?

Runnina?round D.

?I visited their San Felipe location this past weekend to purchase a Cartier watch for my husband. I did my research before buying this gift for my husband; I knew how much I should pay and what to expect from the watch. I paid a little more than what I wanted to pay but am overall please since they had the product in stock and the customer service was excellent. ?

Mary R

The watch collection at Zadok?s includes an extensive assortment of vintage and pre-owned time pieces as well.? The company also offers estate buying services to those that are interested in buying or selling items from private collections. There is also a fully time master watchmaker on staff with over 35 years of experience.

Zadok Jewelers carries a wide array of loose diamonds and diamond engagement rings from well known designers. ?They range from classic to contemporary with many styles to select from.? Zadok?s employs over 40 people to assist with everything from selection to repair and beyond. Zadok Jewelers reviews speak favorably about their experiences.
?This jewelry store in Houston happens to be somewhat knowledgeable in the items that they sell, which is a big plus for me. ?They try to show you the goods, but aren?t extremely pushy about it. ?They have plenty to choose from, though the workers seem bored with their jobs and maybe a bit disenchanted with all the beauty that surrounds them since they see it everyday. ?For a small, mom & pop type shop, this is worth checking out if you?re planning to make a big purchase.?

?Cory O.
?My fianc? (now husband) and I picked out our wedding bands from Zadok?s (my engagement ring was a family heirloom) and we both got exactly what we wanted. The staff was extremely helpful and we walked out the same day with our beautiful wedding bands.?



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