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Northeast Capt. Vic Tison


Capt. Vic Tison

Ahoy there Anglers,

Tuesday evening, October 9, 2012 is our next Recreational Fishing Alliance Rally. This is a date that all anglers need to remember. If you fish you need to be there!

If you want to continue fishing in the future you need to be there! EVEN IF you have only fished a time or two in the past year YOU need to be there! Sneakers Sports Grill, 8133 Point Meadows Drive, Jax. 32256 which is right at Baymeadows Road and 9-A X-way. Meet at 6:30pm and Rally starts at 7:00pm.

Special Guest Speaker:

CONGRESSMAN ANDER CRENSHAW and our National Director Jim Donofrio will also be here for the rally as well as myself. A membership table will be set up if you would like to become an RFA Member, ($35) and not only fight for your right to fish but fight for your right to keep fish also. There will also be a 50/50 raffle and numerous prize drawings. If you remember at our last RFA Rally we gave away over $4,000.00 worth of prizes. Listen on our Still Just Fishing radio show Saturday mornings from 6am to 8am on AM600 WBOB with Capt. Mike Darveau and Capt. Roger Bump and myself for updates. Please share this invite with all your friends and lets make this a record rally! All anglers need all the help we can get to help keep our right to fish. With over 200,000 anglers in this City and surrounding areas I can see why the Feds and Enviro-nuts are really speaking out louder than the anglers. They want us stopped and off the water and are telling the Federal Government that fishing needs to be stopped.

Anglers haven't been sticking together in the past and we need you more now than ever before. Let Congressman Crenshaw see that we're not going to lay down and just take the abuse any longer. Help pack the house on our RFA Rally. Bring all your fishing buddies, fishing ladies and kids to this big event. We are just as important as the Enviro-nuts and we make more sense than they do.

This article just came out:

The Obama administration is considering new environmental rules that would, in effect ban recreational fishing in the United States, according to ESPN. This move is apparently being contemplated under pressure from environmental groups. "The Obama administration will accept no more public input for a federal strategy that could prohibit U.S. citizens from fishing the nation's oceans, coastal areas, Great Lakes, and even inland waters. "This announcement comes at the time when the situation supposedly still is "fluid" and the Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force still hasn't issued its final report on zoning uses of these waters. "That's a disappointment, but not really a surprise for fishing industry insiders who have negotiated for months with officials at the Council on Environmental Quality and bureaucrats on the task force. These angling advocates have come to suspect that public input into the process was a charade from the beginning." The excuse for this contemplated ban is the notion that recreational fishing as well as commercial fishing is depleting the stock of fish in American waters. This notion is disputed by fishing groups, which fear not only that a ban would prohibit Americans from pursuing a traditional form of recreation, but also devastate the industry that supports recreational fishing. Angling groups maintain that there is no basis in science for an attempt to ban recreational fishing. If the ban is ordered, it would likely come via executive order rather than an attempt to have Congress pass legislation. Various environmental groups are demanding that such an executive order be issued as soon as possible.

Don't set back and do nothing and let other anglers fight for you. If you fish you need to fight also. Join the RFA, at least be counted at our Rally. As an angler that's the least you can do.

Remember the Feds said that if they went down to 5 per person and a 13" size limit on the Sea bass in Federal waters then they would keep the season open longer and we could fish for them longer? Well, they closed them down in February the first year, October last year and September 4th this year. This is the need for our fight. NOAA keeps lying with no repercussions. Well, the RFA isn't through with them yet !

Well, we sure have quite a bit of stuff going on here lately and it's keeping the Recreational Fishing Alliance busy. Our Board of Directors are on top of what's happening here locally and throughout our State of Florida.

Suellen Clark, Aaron Scholten and I just took a road trip to Panama City for the Congressional Hearing with the House natural Resources Committee entitled, "Fishing=Jobs: How Strengthening America's Fisheries Strengthens Our Economy". It was spearheaded through the efforts of Committee Chairman Doc Hastings and Representative Steve Sutherland, (R-FL) both of whom attended.

Now, I have to tell you, the meeting went really good and the two Congressional Representatives were speaking on the angler's side. Earlier this month Rep. Southerland announced he was cosponsoring legislation called the "Transparent & Science-Based Fishery Management Act of 2012, (HR 6350) which would amend the Magnuson-Stevens Act which is what we anglers have been waiting on someone to do. Finally, we're being heard on so many levels now. You can see the actual Hearing on this web site: and hear exactly how Rep. Sutherland and Chairman Hastings spoke up for us.

Fishing Report

On another note of interest, as many anglers have been run off from an area downtown known as the Crowley docks, we kept stating Florida Statute title XXV111, Section 379.101 and Statute # 379.105, Harassment of hunters, trappers or fishers. Captain Roger Bump, Vice Chairman of the Recreational Fishing Alliance got in touch with an attorney, Hank Holbrook, III, Esquire, and Mr. Holbrook started writing letters and contacting the U.S. Coast Guard, etc. and found out for us that there is not now nor has ever been a security zone around the Crowley docks. The security guy on that property has been running anglers off and calling the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office and using their officers to run anglers off from around their docks from 100 yards to 1000 yards, whatever he decides to tell the police he wants. So, thanks to Mr. Holbrook and Capt. Roger we have a meeting set up with Crowley, U.S. Coast Guard, JSO, Mr. Holbrook and several of us anglers in September just before the next Jax. Water Ways Commission Meeting. No longer can we be run off from that area. It is a violation of Chapter 379.104, Florida Statutes to interfere with a person who is legally fishing or hunting on public waters or property. Thank you Mr. Holbrook! and Capt. Roger!

Fishing Report


Redfish in the creeks have been feeding very good here lately although I did have a slow day last Friday. We've been catching reds up to 33.5" here lately in the shallow water creeks. Gotta love that ! Seeing those redfish pushing wakes and seeing a few with their backs out of the water is so exciting. I love sight casting to fish like that. A few more flounder are showing up better and better although most of them are still small but we're hearing of a few 4 to 6 pounders being caught now and then. Spotted sea trout in the creeks are hitting top waters and suspending lures and the bite seems to be better when we're having the high tides early in the mornings instead of the afternoons but that still works also. A few sheepshead from 4 to 9 pounds have been caught by my customers in the creeks and that seems to work better about 2 hours after low tide all the way up to high. Try a quartered up blue crab on a jig head.

Fishing Report


Bull redfish is just one of the main things happening now in the St. Johns River. Big yellowmouth trout, some up to 5 pounds each. I haven't seen a yellowmouth trout run like this in 10 years. Plenty of them and they are nice! A few mangrove snapper are showing up this season. That's better than last year when we couldn't find them. Whiting in the river mixed in with some of the yellowmouth trout in some areas but not all of them. Loads of small croakers everywhere with a few keepers mixed in here and there. Spotted sea trout on the higher tides along rock banks and grassy shorelines. I haven't seen any drum lately but September is here and I'll be looking for them with the cooler water temperatures. I can hardly believe it but the water has already cooled about 8 degrees. So far, most of the bull reds have been between 15 to 40 pounds but we've actually had a few between 50 and 56 pounds so far this spawning season.

Fishing Report


Bull redfish along with some slot-sized keepers chewing at the rocks. Big sharks are also tearing up tackle out there but get the correct size tackle, rods, reels and line and set your drag right and hold on for the fight of a lifetime when you tangle with a 8' to 10' shark. Big bull sharks, big blacktips and a few smaller nurse sharks, bonnetheads and a couple sand sharks are all so fun to catch. Want a workout? Those guys can give you one you won't forget. Tarpon are feeding mostly on the slacker current part of the turn of the tides. I saw someone catch a black drum on the inside of the South rocks the other day so maybe, just maybe with this cooler water temperatures they're starting to come in. I hope so as black drum and sheepshead season is going to be busy this year. I'm already getting bookings for October and November and I just can't wait. Some whiting on the inside and outside of the rocks in the sandier areas and yes, yellowmouth trout in the same areas. Black sea bass are still open within State waters although September 4th starts the closed season again in Federal waters. Closed until June 1, 2013. Spanish mackerel should show up almost any day now for their Southerly run.

Fishing Report


Spotted sea trout on lures is your best bet. I love the top waters, suspending and the floater/divers for the trout during the last 1.5 hours of the incoming, high and the first 1.5 hours of the outgoing tides. Redfish are hitting the same top waters in the cove during these tides also. I heard a few flounder have made their way into the Cove and people have been lucky enough to find some in there. Loads of ladyfish on the higher tides. They are so fund to catch on lures but also I like to use them as bait too and that's one reason I target them. Yellowmouth trout in the entrance of the Cove on both ends.


I have heard a few pompano have been caught now that the water temperatures have fallen into the high 70's. Whiting are chewing and a good number of black drum have showed up in certain areas. Mostly around the pier and South into Guana. Spotted sea trout around the pier also. I see another kingfish was caught off the pier recently. Good job!

Please remember, you need the RFA so you can keep fishing and to be able to teach your kids how to fish and even your grandkids how to fish. I couldn't imagine not being able to fish or even not having my boat on the water. Why do people want to force us live like they want to live? What would they do if we wanted to force them to live like us? Be at our Rally, Tuesday, October 9th at Sneakers. Remember the sea bass?

Remember how they were going to "let us" fish longer for them? Don't be one of those anglers who lets other people fight your fight so you can sit on the couch. Be at our Rally! It's for YOU !

Capt. Vic Tison
Web site:
P.O. Box 28208
Jax., Fl. 32226-8208


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