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Layer the upholstery furniture with Car Seat

It is no doubt that leather upholstery create the look you are also more luxurious interior. However, the expensive genuine leather making the ?run? into a synthetic leather has the look not much different from the original and is offered with a more economical price.

At first, the skin synthesis is widely used in the automotive world. Call it the seat of many cars and motorcycles using a synthetic leather upholstery for easy cleaning. Over time, synthetic leather is also used as a coating on furniture, especially for people who avoid the ?complexity? of care, such as the need to wash and brush the dirt exposed to dust furniture.

Count on quality

There are many assumptions about the use of synthetic leather. Starting from a burning sensation when in contact with the skin until the material is easily peeled off, which makes people hesitate to use it on home furnishings.

But not so with synthetic leather for the upholstery of vehicles (cars and motorcycles). This type of synthetic leather comfortable to use, more flexible, richer colors and options, so many applied to the interior of the house. The application is for example on the bed, headboard, sofa, or a TV panel.
?The synthetic leather is used in vehicles have the highest strength as it comes with UV Protection, for ordinary vehicles outside the sun room and forged. Synthetic leather automotive specification also has a strong color pigments so the colors do not easily fade when used, ?said Maulana Martadi, Managing Director Mbtech, one synthetic leather for automotive manufacturers in Indonesia.

A craftsman sofa car of Fabio Car, Ivan Prabowo Salim, also have their own opinion. According to him, synthetic leather for cars, especially brands Mbtech, has a high bending power for use on cars with high levels of shock. ?If the synthetic leather car seats are used on the furniture in the house it will be more durable, because the car seat more than the furniture shook. So the skin is not easily torn and raw, ?adds Ivan.


Then, if we want to use synthetic leather in the house, which parts of which can be applied? the answer would depend on the willingness of the owner. ?As long as the synthetic leather is easy to apply, easy to shape and supple, synthetic leather can be applied anywhere, from the headboard on the bed, nightstand, wall panel to panel TV,? said Jimy Santoso, architect of Invitante Design and Contractor.

According to Jimy, one of the use of synthetic leather is unusual in bed. ?Beds are usually made from wood or cloth. With synthetic leather, bed look more luxurious and certainly easy to clean, ?he added. Currently, there are many beds are made from synthetic leather material that can be made by ordering the furniture craftsmen.
Martadi Maulana said that the synthetic leather used in cars are also equipped with a fire retardant that is able to put the fire at one point so it does not spread when exposed to fire and is very safe when used in the interior of the room.


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