Monday, April 22, 2013

100% LTV refinance for home improvements? - Zillow Mortgage ...

We have a home last appraised (for a refinance in 2010) at ~188k. Our outstanding balance is ~162k. We just found out that we need a major repair and window replacement because of water damage/rot. I have excellent credit, my husband's credit is good. The mortgage is currently only in my name, but I could add him.

We took out our original 100% LTV loan in 2006, before the bubble. We refinanced for a lower rate in 2010 (I thought that we used HARP because they wouldn't give us anything above our balance, but I'm reading online that if that had been the case, we shouldn't be paying mortgage insurance). Is there any way we could refinance again so soon and with a loan that allowed us to pull out cash? Furthermore, how will that major repair affect appraisal for a refinance? There is a chance that the house wouldn't even appraise for as much because of the issues. Is there a loan that would appraise considering what it would be like after the repairs?


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