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Own Your Own Ad Network! - PPC Advertising Network

Jumpvine is a powerful, feature rich, fully customizable PayPerClick advertiser/publisher network. Advertisers can register with the adserver and? post their text/banner/catalog PayPerClick (PPC) ads. Publishers can create ad display units and?use it in their websites to show ads relevant to their page content. You can completely control your revenue from the system by adjusting the minimum click bid value as well as the percentage of click bids you would share with publishers. The system comes with support for load balancing across multiple servers which means you never need to worry about performance bottlenecks. The entire system is template driven which allows you to easily modify the advertiser, publisher pages to your preference. Also the system comes in 14 languages and you can add more.

Manage Publishers you to manage your publishers effectively than ever.?You can review each publisher account before approving the same. The system allows you to to specify the click bid percentage to be shared with publishers. You can get details about his click and profit statistics, fraud statistics and withdrawal history anytime. The robust and improved fraud control measures allows you to monitor,?warn and block suspicious publishers.

Manage Advertisers

Now using? you can manage your advertisers in a better way. You can review their ads and if you find their ads? inappropriate for your terms, you may block their accounts. You can check the complete profile of an advertiser which contains information about ads posted by the advertiser, click statistics of the advertiser and payment history. Also you have the option for adding fund to advertiser's bonus/account balance.

Is Jumpvine your future? is a custom designed advertising network similar to that of google adsense and adwords. It is basically your very own advertising network. Jumpvine uses?a very sophisticated advertising platform in the backend,

Just a few years ago starting your own ad network wasn?t easy nor within reach for the regular person and the capital needed was huge!

Jumpvine has everything you need to run your own ad network and start selling traffic.

Why would you want to start your own ad network?

Because there is a lot of money being made in selling media. Any affiliate or business that has a product to sell online needs traffic. Traffic is the lifeblood of any business.

Advertising is one of the few industries that just keeps growing each year. More and more companies spend money on online advertising and there is no limit to how much money you can make.

Jumpvine?is very simple and easy to run even for a beginner,?doesn't require any exerience or maintenance. Jumpvine is perfect for?anyone including webmasters who are looking to?advertise?their brand, develop traffic to their sites and acquire?more customers. With millions of existing websites and new websites?being created every day, you will have no shortage of customers who want?to buy the services offered by - The new kid on the block!

Selling traffic is a very scalable business model and very sustainable.

- Full control of your ad network. You can approve, suspend and terminate accounts.

Jumpvine is a great investment for those that own several websites. With skyrocketing cost of advertising on Google and Bing. With the right person at the helm Jumpvine has the potential to give either of them a run for their money and save the owner a ton of money.

What's Included domain and custom designed ad network website.

Why?am I?selling?

At the moment I am involved in non-internet project that will consume most of my time.

?Jumpvine is a beautiful site that?is capable of making?a hansom monthly revenue and growing in value.

Currently the site makes no revenue as it has not been advertised. I was nearing the end of development of the site when?my?non-internet project starting taking off.?

This will be a 10-day auction with the ad network going to the highest bidder once the reserve has been met.?

Happy Bidding!

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