Monday, April 29, 2013

Paranoid Android teases in-app pop-up window multitasking (video)

Paranoid Android teases inapp popup window multitasking

As advanced as "multitasking" gets on the latest smartphones, many times you're still left to completely switch between apps. Paranoid Android is looking to set things into overdrive with in-app multiple-window multitasking for its skin of Android, going beyond the similar, but limited, functionality seen in the likes of Samsung's basked-in Galaxy apps. PA's Paul Henschel recently posted a demo to YouTube highlighting the feature working with various apps on both an Android tablet and a Nexus smartphone, with a post to Google+ stating that it shows less than ten percent of the planned functionality. If that wasn't enough, the post further clarifies PA's drive to build out its version stating, "We think these [Samsung, Cyanogen & Cornerstone] implementations suck and we want to get it right this time." Thirsty for more info? Hit the source link and the video after the break for some quencher, while we eagerly wait to see more.


Via: liliputing, Reddit

Source: Paranoid Android (Google+)


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