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Cat Climbing

Cat Climbing

Pet dogs are always taken out for daily walks as part of their exercise routine. Exercise?helps them release pent-up energy and keeps them in good health. But what about pet cats? Do they need as much exercise as dogs? And we know how snooty cats can be. Can they even be persuaded to go through any form of exercise?

Cats Also Need to Exercise

The truth is that cats also need lots of exercise to stay mentally and physically fit and healthy. Without adequate exercise, cats become bored and will tend to sleep and eat all day. They can become overweight and even obese, which can trigger many health issues. This is often the case for strictly indoor cats, since those who also roam outdoors find ways to be active. They can run, climb fences, chase birds and mice, and find other ways to stretch those muscles.

An indoor cat may not have as much stimulation, and if you leave it every day for hours on end, it is all the more crucial to set aside around 15 ? 30 minutes a day for playtime so your cat can get enough exercise. This will also give you both some quality time to bond.

The Amount of Exercise Depends on the Cat

All cats need to exercise, some more than others. The amount of exercise varies with the cat?s breed, age, lifestyle, and physique. Bengal cats are generally more energetic compared to British Shorthairs. Also, older and more overweight cats are less likely to want to move compared to younger and sleeker ones.

Exercise through Play

Provide your cat some needed exercise in the form of playtime. Bear in mind that cats may initially not be very interested in the games you want to play with them. They might just watch what you are doing. But once you find an activity they like and catch their attention, they will join in the fun.

Many cat toys are available which are designed to make your cat perform an activity such as chasing. Simple but effective toys are rods tied at one end to a string with a feather, a toy mouse, a ball, or something of the sort. This toy triggers the cat?s nature to hunt and pounce, and you can simply wave the rod and watch your cat chase after the dangling, moving object. Balls and remote controlled mice are also favorites for pet cats to chase. For more incentive, you can add catnip to some of these toys.

While you are away, provide an avenue for your cat to exercise such as climbing frames called ?cat trees.? Cats love to climb and can spend lots of time going up and down the ledges.


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