Friday, March 16, 2012

Long Distance Relationships- Will You Have Time For One in ...

Long distance relationships have several problems against them. College is a time for self exploration and independence. Romances that start in the comfort of home, often were heavily influenced by family members or old friends. Here are some long distance relationship tips for students.

In college there are no restrictions to the type of friendships that can be started. People with different socioeconomic, religious, and racial backgrounds are all attending the same university. New ideas and interests may be emerging, without having to hide daily activities or personal choices from anyone that may disapprove.

A lover that is at home or attending another university may have a sincere desire to continue the relationship. It is challenging to get over problems created through distance. Suddenly there is no one nearby to go out with for social gatherings or for romantic dates locally. Many people simply feel lonely and desire friendship and romance.

Dates through online cameras, text messages, and the telephone leave much to be desired. No one really wants to spend their Friday nights assuring their long distance relationship partner that they are still together. It may be easier to hang out with the people that are there locally in personal free time. Driving back and forth two to three a month is not always realistic, nor affordable.

Many college students often form new friendships with classmates and people that they meet in the new city the are living in. Studying and completing homework takes more time than it did in high school. Many college students are on extremely limited budgets, and may have to work part time to support themselves. The rigorous schools schedule and working can keep students extremely busy.

There may not be time for a long distance relationship while in college. Expecting another person of college age to be exclusive with someone that is not physically there is a bit unreasonable. It can be isolating to try to maintain relationships completely online or over the phone, for several hours each week. Many students with long distance relationships may choose to allow themselves the choice to date more than one person at a time. Most casual dating experiences and not exclusive to a person that was just met. Think about compromises in the relationship to help maintain the friendship and romance while away at school. Use these tips to determine if a long distance relationship in college will work.


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